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Skittles or Pharm Parties (Who Knew?)

This morning on QBert I heard of something that just shocked me! Apparently kids are attending parties called Skittles or Pharm parties.

It seems that tweens and teens (and some a little older) are attending Skittles parties which involves a bowl full of brightly colored ecstasy pills that people just take throughout the night and even mix with alcohol. The other is the Pharm party which involves people bringing a mix of prescription pills (their own or some stolen from friends and family) and everyone dumps what they have in a bowl. This bowl now could have anything from Xanax to Vicodin to who-knows-what! And again, they mix it with alcohol!

I am worried about these darn kids. Who ever thought that at 38 years old I would be thinking “these darn kids today.” I am just amazed at what goes on these days. I am thankful I am no longer a teenager and no longer have these pressures.

Parents…please be very careful! Hide your medication. These parties are dangerous.


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  1. How about strawberry Quik? Have you heard about that? It is crystal meth flavored and dyed pink, looks and tastes like pink pop rocks (so I am told)… so the dealers can get kids on it at younger ages. Imagine!!!(now excuse me while I go and chain my older child to the kitchen table)


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