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Car Window Stickers

As you know, a while back I posted that I don’t like those stickers that people put on their car windows that say Rest in Peace or In Memory of…

I wish I had a really good reason for not liking them, but I really don’t have one. I just don’t like them. And two weeks ago as well as last week I was behind cars that had these stickers. The first one really bothered me because it was for a baby. I think the dates equated to a child around 6 months old at the time of death. I wonder if that’s how that baby is best memorialized. Plus…I don’t need to be distracted while driving because I’m trying to figure out the age of someone when they die or get all upset when I realize it’s a baby! Then Friday I was behind a truck for a good bit of my ride home and it had 2 In Memory of stickers (one on each side of the back window) and in the middle of the In Memory of and the person’s name and DOB and DOD was a big bass fish. Another distraction I don’t need while driving!

Goodness people – can’t you think of any other way to pay tribute to your dead friends or family? I’m just sayin…


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*cough cough* I’m over 40 and an entrepreneur at heart. I am in Corporate America, but my heart is in being an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners. Although my almost 2 year stint at owning a business was not as successful as I dreamed, it's still a passion and so I now try to put my efforts into helping other entrepreneurs such as my brother who owns Wickedly Wooden ( and my friend Heather who owns Rinse Bath & Body ( I do enjoy my job so it makes it easier to get up and go to work every day even if it's not my own business. Maybe one day I will take a stab at it right now I make handcrafted items such as hair accessories, aprons, and jewelry. In my free time, of course! In my "other" spare time I love to read - especially anything biographical or autobiographical. I also enjoying writing, but mostly for fun and I can write a pretty good “threat” letter when I need to. I’ve been known to get things done! I write about a wide variety of things from the random tomato or piece of food on the ground to the odd things I see in my daily life to politics…now if you don’t agree with my politics that’s fine, but be respectful and don’t post hateful comments.

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