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How can you be “PC” when you talk politics??

It’s 2011, the economy stinks (that’s my stab at being “PC”), politicians are ruining this great country of ours and the “little” people are just trying to keep their heads above water.

When I think of politics and what is happening in government today it is really hard for me to act “PC” and say things that won’t offend SOMEONE out there.  Hell…I’m sure today everyone seems to be offended at least once a day!

Here are the major problems I have…

  1. I go to work and I have a “real” job for which I get paid and the government is trying to tell me how I can spend it – how much goes to taxes, how much I spend on healthcare (and what kind of healthcare I can have), how much I can contribute to a 401(k) or an IRA, etc.  And this job for which I get paid has a market point for the region where I am located (basically stating that an Executive Assistant in the Atlanta area can make up to XX dollars per year on average and so forth for other regions).  However, I have no say really in how far I get related to that market point – I can work my butt off and still only get to the level dictated by the economy and the going rate for that position.  Now, if I were, say, a Congressman (woman) I could sit around smoking cigars with my fellow Congress people and say “You know what we should do?  We should vote ourselves a raise.”  And everyone else would say, “I think that’s brilliant.”  It would have nothing to do with what they have contributed, how much they have worked, or whether or not they are even good at being Congress people.  It would simply be a decision that is made by them.  And then they would get their paycheck and they would not have lots of taxes, healthcare fees, 401(k) and all the other deductions I have taken out of my little check.  And then they would have more time off than me, get $200 haircuts, go to Hollywood A-list parties, jet set all over the world, and raise all kinds of money to get re-elected.  I wonder, do YOU see a problem with this?
  2. For some reason most of our politicians do not want to talk about Fair Tax.  Do you think it’s because the word FAIR is in the name?  Politicians don’t seem to want to be “fair” about anything.  They do not live in a world of what’s good for the people is good for them.  They are above the laws they try to pass for us to abide by.  In a Fair Tax world people being paid under the table, drug dealers, and illegal aliens would still be contributing to our society because they would be TAXED when they spend the money they earned “unnoticed.”  I scratch my head and wonder why this wouldn’t be a good change for our tax system.
  3. Welfare programs – can you PLEASE tell me why people who get up and go to a legitimate job everyday often have to pass a drug screen for said paying job, yet a welfare recipient can keep collecting money that every hard-working citizen has funded and they DO NOT have to pass a drug test?  Can I deny taking one next time my prospective employer requires it and say it’s against my constitutional rights?
  4. Raising money for campaigns – the government is begging, borrowing, and stealing from the American people in order to fund all kinds of efforts they feel are important (not necessarily the ones we voted for or were the platforms they ran on) yet they campaign for greater than a year for an upcoming election and raise well above the millions (maybe billions) as a collective lot.  Here’s an idea – American companies are having to cut back on their marketing budgets because the US economy is tanking and yet they are surviving on lean, mean budgets because they HAVE TO.  If you are running for office why don’t you try the same thing??!!  Let’s see what you can get done on a dime.  Let’s stop wasting money touring the country repeating the same old tired rhetoric that you are force feeding us and that you will never actually follow through with. Instead of these massive print ads, television ads, billboards, yard signs (that by-the-way you fail to pick up when elections are over and as far as I’m concerned you should be fined for each day they are up after the election) and bashing sessions – why don’t you post your damn resume on Facebook or some government webpage so I can read what you’ve really done – I mean, what you have truly accomplished in your life.  I want to know how you successfully ran a company, maintained a lean budget, and how you progressed through the years.  I don’t want to know how you think you are right but anyone who doesn’t think like you is wrong.  I want to know what you can do for me and my country – not what you think is wrong with every other candidate.  I want you to tell me about YOU.  Don’t worry about the others – they can do their own good (or damage as it may be).  Mind your own business, and tell me what you are really going to do about running this country (state or town).
  5. It does matter if you treat your spouse like crap, cheat or steal.  Just like it matters if I do it – it matters if you do.  I do not want someone leading my local community or my country who is a liar, cheater or thief.  I want someone I can respect – and that means I don’t care what your race, nationality, sex, religion or political party is.  It means I want the person who says what he/she is going to do and accomplish and they really mean it.  I want the person who is true to him/herself and honest with their family, friends and community.
  6. If you are going to take away my belief in God can you take away their belief in no God?  If you think it is okay to take away any notion of God or this country being founded on the principles of God than why can’t I say it’s not okay to “not” believe?  If I can’t talk about God – you can’t talk about “no” God.  If you don’t like it – don’t spend the money.

We have an election so close on the horizon and a country that is falling apart…we all need to really sit down and reflect on what we want in the next few years.  Do not vote simply because you do or don’t like someone’s race, do or don’t want a woman, absolutely have to vote democrat or republican – listen to everything the candidates have to say.  Sometimes the one you least expect could be the best one to get us out of this mess!  America is soon going to become a country people do not want to run to if we all ignore the signs and don’t stand up for ourselves as citizens of this country.  We vote these people in office and we have to hold them accountable!  If they do not do what they promise we should be writing letters, making phone calls, marching outside their offices!


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