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Random parking lot food…

For those that haven’t been following my blog for long, you may not know that I am fixated with random discarded food items in parking lots.  After I excitedly told people about this earlier in the year it seemed that I found little to no examples to photograph and discuss.

I found an apple core at the Kroger Fuel Center on Thronton Rd, but due to a waiting line at the pump and not a very strong zoom on my cell phone camera the picture I have is not that great.

But in the last few days I have found my groove again and found 2 fine examples.  Thursday (at work) I found misplaced lemon wedges and today some discarded slices of tomato.  Here’s the thing I never quite understand – why not just wrap that stuff up in a napkin and throw it away later with the rest of the garbage you should have acquired from whatever you ate or drank with the lemon and tomato??  It takes just 2 seconds to “not” litter.


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*cough cough* I’m over 40 and an entrepreneur at heart. I am in Corporate America, but my heart is in being an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners. Although my almost 2 year stint at owning a business was not as successful as I dreamed, it's still a passion and so I now try to put my efforts into helping other entrepreneurs such as my brother who owns Wickedly Wooden ( and my friend Heather who owns Rinse Bath & Body ( I do enjoy my job so it makes it easier to get up and go to work every day even if it's not my own business. Maybe one day I will take a stab at it right now I make handcrafted items such as hair accessories, aprons, and jewelry. In my free time, of course! In my "other" spare time I love to read - especially anything biographical or autobiographical. I also enjoying writing, but mostly for fun and I can write a pretty good “threat” letter when I need to. I’ve been known to get things done! I write about a wide variety of things from the random tomato or piece of food on the ground to the odd things I see in my daily life to politics…now if you don’t agree with my politics that’s fine, but be respectful and don’t post hateful comments.

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