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iPhone Day 1

Well, the day is finally here!  It was announced in September that Sprint would get the iPhone 4s – not the much-anticipated iPhone 5.  But despite it not being what may be the greatest iPhone ever created I wanted one!  And, it seems to be known as the greatest iPhone even though it wasn’t the one people were expecting.

As soon as I knew the iPhone was coming to Sprint I made my first phone call to beg for an early upgrade – scheduled upgrade date is (was) 12/1/11.  On that call I was told there would be no early upgrade for me, and especially not for the iPhone.  Chick on the phone said that not even employees could get an early upgrade for the iPhone.  My response, “I’m not an employee – I’m a paying customer who has spent quite a bit of money with Sprint.”  She kept saying “no” and then when there was supposedly nothing else she could do she mentioned there would be a brief survey after our call and asked if I could say that she helped me and answered my questions to which I said “no”.  That caused a conversation about the survey being her personal report card and me trying to explain that since I didn’t get what I was calling for I couldn’t say “yes” whether it was her report card or not.  I was escalated to a manager (not the first time in my life I’ve been passed off to the manager, but that may have something to do with me insisting I get my way).  Manager still didn’t let me upgrade early but did offer a lower monthly rate on my MiFi so that was nice and he said that I could get an early upgrade on November 18th because they will allow it within 2 weeks of actual date.

I made 2 additional calls before November 18th on the off-chance that I got someone on the phone that was willing to do something no one else would.  Nope!  That wouldn’t be the case – they only hire rule followers at the Sprint call center, so it seems.

Fourth call to Sprint was the morning of November 18th per my previous 3 calls.  I had all intention of calling FIRST thing, but I had work to do (as in actual work at my job).  So it was probably going on lunch when I finally called.  AND GUESS WHAT??  I was told that the 2 week window is NOT valid on the iPhone.  Well hell’s bells!  What?  I made it very clear to the girl on the phone that I had told everyone I spoke to previously that I wanted the iPhone and everyone gave me the November 18th date for calling in!  Girl said she would talk to a manager.  She came back and said that the manager was going to approve the reset of my upgrade date and she would call me back in 24-48 hours to let me know it had updated in the system.  November 19th – no call.  November 20th – no call.  So, I went onto and looked up my account.  Well, there it was – the new upgrade date.  I place my order!  And from what I knew of everyone who has recently gotten one – I was in for a 2 week wait for its arrival.  I figured it would get her just in time for my original upgrade date.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I received notification of its departure from the warehouse and impending delivery to my store step today only 2 days (not even business days) after ordering it.  I’m thinking they made a note on my account and said “Get this phone out soon because this girl won’t leave us alone.”  Hey, whatever works!

So, today it arrived in all its glory between 5:30-6:00.  Reba tried to attack the UPS man, but it was worth it.  I tore into the little brown box and found inside the beautiful white Apple iPhone 4s box wrapped in plastic.  I gingerly cut the plastic off and immediately went to town setting up the new phone.  For some reason it took 4 attempts to activate it while the Samsung Epic was still living on.  When the transition finally happened it was like a choir of angels was signing. “Aaaahhh”  Oh, and compared to the Epic it fits so nicely in my hands, and is so shiny and pretty!  Yes, I care that it’s pretty besides functional.

I’ve synced everything – all apps are on the iPhone and iPad.  Wallpaper set.  Now I need to figure out downloading ringtones and assigning to specific people.  I also want to figure out if I can link the profile pictures on Facebook to my contacts list as I was able to on my Blackberry and my Epic.  Anyone know how to do these things?

My good friend Marco from work chronicled his first 30 days (the return period) of his iPhone 4s that he recently purchased.  While I am nowhere near as funny – I may have to chronicle a few things as I get used to the fun things this phone can do.  I’ve yet to try Siri so I’m sure that will be an experience.  If you are looking for some fun reading and enjoy a good laugh (and don’t mind some curse words) you should check out his awesome blog.  He is quite the writer.

Just in case you are wondering…here is what the new phone looks like (it’s first time attached to the PC).

I will keep you posted on how the transition goes.  My cell phones have not ranged as wide as my selection of cars over the years, but they still have had their differences.  Going backwards I’ve had this new iPhone, Samsung Epic 4g, Blackberry Curve 8130, Palm Centro, Palm Treo, Palm Treo, Blackberry (that BB survived a fall down an elevator shaft without a scratch) and prior to that was the array of other phones including the big Motorola that was “installed” in the car and you could unclick the handset and put it in a carrying case so it wouldn’t get stolen out of the car.  Man, those were the days, weren’t they?  Not really!  I much prefer the small portable technology of today.  Much of which we can thank Mr. Steve Jobs for.  He made his impact!


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  1. Welcome to the club! It appears you are well on your way. If you figure out the Facebook pic as a contact pic thing, let me know. My Pre did that as well. Hopefully work will slow down enough that I can fit in a blog post of my own here soon.


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