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iPhone Day 2

I learned a few new things today. (1) After a post to Facebook I received info on how to actually use Siri.  I want Siri and I to be life long BFFs so I thought it important to learn how to “use” her. (2) I learned how to link Facebook photos to my contacts.  Yes, Marco, I have this information to pass along to you since you were busy taking your wife out to dinner and therefore couldn’t tell me how to do it. 🙂  Check out this very helpful link. (3) I found out that next year my company is going to charge our department(s) for each instance of Good for Enterprise an employee has so I need to decide if I want it on my iPhone or iPad – currently it is on my iPad which is WiFi only so I thought it would be easier to move it.  But, I also vaguely remember seeing something on Sprint’s website that indicates there is a monthly charge for Good on the iPhone. (boo hiss).

I also used my iPhone to earn a few dollars today.   I downloaded an app called Field Agent.  It is a cool app that pays you for doing small tasks.  For instance, tonight I “accepted” a job and went to Kroger and took a picture of the Cold & Flu display.  Uploaded the picture, answered a question, and submitted it.  Job complete!  Next I will try my We Reward app.

The other thing I’d like to find is an app similar to the Picasa app I had on my Android.  It would allow me to easily pull up any photos in my Picasa albums which I synced with my PC (My Pictures) folders.  I’m open to using Flikr, Snapfish, Picasa or whatever, but I want to be able to sync my PC with the particular web application and then use an app to pull up the pictures (I don’t necessarily want them “saved” to my phone).

An app I downloaded for my iPad and want to try on the iPhone is Shoebox from  It’s a cool app that let’s you take pictures (scan) old photos and upload to a site where you can share with family and friends.  I’ve tested it with a few photos using the iPad and I’m going to see if it’s any easier to use the phone since it is easier to hold steady.  If it works well enough I may be able to remove the photo scanner from my Wish List.

I wish I knew how to write apps because I have a few ideas I’d like to see out there for people to use.  And I can certainly think of a few companies that should create apps.  For instance, back in the day when I had a Palm Pilot (and I think my first Palm Treo as well) Quicken had an app you could use to make entries and then update next time you connected to your PC.  It was like having all your financial information at your fingertips and I loved it – I used it all the time!

I did experience an issue earlier today where my Xfinity app kept indicating I had new e-mail, but when I tried to retrieve it the app said I needed to synchronize my inbox.  I simply logged out and logged back in and voila – it worked!

Well, that’s it for me today (and it’s officially tomorrow as of 53 minutes ago).  Good thing I don’t have to work tomorrow.


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*cough cough* I’m over 40 and an entrepreneur at heart. I am in Corporate America, but my heart is in being an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners. Although my almost 2 year stint at owning a business was not as successful as I dreamed, it's still a passion and so I now try to put my efforts into helping other entrepreneurs such as my brother who owns Wickedly Wooden ( and my friend Heather who owns Rinse Bath & Body ( I do enjoy my job so it makes it easier to get up and go to work every day even if it's not my own business. Maybe one day I will take a stab at it right now I make handcrafted items such as hair accessories, aprons, and jewelry. In my free time, of course! In my "other" spare time I love to read - especially anything biographical or autobiographical. I also enjoying writing, but mostly for fun and I can write a pretty good “threat” letter when I need to. I’ve been known to get things done! I write about a wide variety of things from the random tomato or piece of food on the ground to the odd things I see in my daily life to politics…now if you don’t agree with my politics that’s fine, but be respectful and don’t post hateful comments.

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