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It’s been a long year…(already)

Toward the end of 2011 I vowed to make 2012 a POSITIVE year!  Things ARE going to be great I told myself and others around me.  I had an internal conversation with myself that I would distance myself from people with a lot of negative self-talk and those that always seemed to be having bad things happening so that I wouldn’t “take on” all their negative energy which I have a tendency to do.  I want to save the world.  I want to be that ONE who makes a difference.  But, I can’t save everyone and I need to stop taking on what I can’t change – and that definitely relates to people who seem to be in a perpetual circle of “woe is me” syndrome.

That said…I’ve had a horrible start to 2012.  Heck – I had a horrible end to 2011.  Sometime around Thanksgiving I didn’t feel well.  I can’t pinpoint the date because quite frankly I ignored it.  I did what I typically do when my stomach bothers me – I took Pepto for several nights and figured it would go away.  Well it didn’t.  Around 20 years ago (at Thanksgiving time) I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (20 years after my mother was and a few weeks after her 2nd surgery related to Crohn’s).  I just thought it was a little bought of the typical stuff I deal with related to the disease.  Finally the week before Christmas I decided it was time to make an appointment with the Gastroenterologist even though I was worried that would mean a colonoscopy.  I was right!  But not only did I have to schedule a colonoscopy – I ended up with a CT scan of my abdomen as well.   December 28th I saw the Gastroenterologist and she scheduled me for the CT scan that Friday, December 30th and the Colonoscopy for the following Friday, January 6th.  She gave me some prescriptions and I figured I was on my way to recovery.

December 30th I drank all kinds of yummy goodness (Barium that was supposed to taste like orange juice) that I barely kept down.  I then proceeded to the CT scan where I was given an IV contrast as well.  Unfortunately, by now I was so weak and feeling bad that my mother had to drive me.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling worse and ended up calling the doctor’s office and was patched to her.  We tweaked a few things and I slept most of the day.  That night my parents and I had tickets to see the Gaithers Gospel Homecoming and I just couldn’t go.  I told them to go without me, but my mother refused to be across town in case I got worse.  I woke up Sunday morning – New Year’s Day – feeling worse than ever.  I could barely move and by now I just wanted to sleep forever.  My parents took me to the emergency room and I was taken in immediately.  After some initial consultation I was given IV fluids and morphine and was finally feeling somewhat better.  The ER doctor called my Gastro and they decided on what to give me for the meantime because I wouldn’t be able to see her until Tuesday due to the holiday.

Tuesday my mother had to drive me to the doctor’s and by this time I had lost about 10 pounds (in about a week).  I could barely eat or move.  We did some more tweaking of the meds and I had the pleasure of providing a stool sample (never fun).  Friday I had my colonoscopy and at this point it was determined that 20 years ago I was misdiagnosed with Crohn’s and actually have Ulcerative Colitis.  Still in the same family, but actually the better of the two in my opinion.  UC is only in the colon whereas Crohn’s affects the entire GI tract so I’m luckier than my mom in that respect.

Last night, January 17th my doctor called at 5:49 pm and my phone was upstairs so I ignored it.  When I went upstairs around 6:20 pm I heard her voice message telling me she had important results for me and to please call the office.  By that time she was gone for the night, but the answering service connected me to her.  It seems that what caused my UC flare-up is a fun bacteria called Campylobacter.  It can be caused by undercooked chicken – if you know anything about me – I LOVE chicken and eat it all the time.  I can’t even begin to go back and think of where I could have been, when I would have eaten said chicken, or anything of the sort.  I don’t know if it ate it around the time I first got sick near Thanksgiving or closer to when I was REALLY sick around New Year’s before I didn’t feel like eating at all.  It’s all a mystery to me.  What is possibly, though, is that getting the bacteria caused a flare-up in my UC or the flare-up in my UC caused me to be more susceptible to the bacteria.  One way or the other I ended up quite sick.  Because my immune system was so worn down I ended up with bronchitis and I’ve had one heck of a time fighting the cough!  I finally started to feel a lot better last week and after yesterday’s call from the doctor was put on Cipro to fight the bacteria.  I went to bed saying to myself “In 7 days after I’m done with the antibiotic I’m going to be good as new!”  First dose of Cipro taken at lunch and within the hour it made me dizzy – I can’t manage like that for 7 days!  Oh gosh I’m ready to get better!!

So…I’m aiming for February 1st to be my NEW YEAR / NEW START and a positive 2012!!  That being said I’ve made a commitment to give 10% of everything I sell from my little side business – GeminiRed Creations and my Etsy site – GeminiRed to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation – Georgia Chapter!  I hope you will help me make a difference in the lives of those effected by Crohn’s and Colitis – especially children!  There is no reason for them to go through what my mother and I have gone through.  It can be a debilitating and embarrassing situation.  Help me promote my site and sell my handmade items so I can help raise awareness and help to find a cure!!


About GeminiRed Creations

*cough cough* I’m over 40 and an entrepreneur at heart. I am in Corporate America, but my heart is in being an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners. Although my almost 2 year stint at owning a business was not as successful as I dreamed, it's still a passion and so I now try to put my efforts into helping other entrepreneurs such as my brother who owns Wickedly Wooden ( and my friend Heather who owns Rinse Bath & Body ( I do enjoy my job so it makes it easier to get up and go to work every day even if it's not my own business. Maybe one day I will take a stab at it right now I make handcrafted items such as hair accessories, aprons, and jewelry. In my free time, of course! In my "other" spare time I love to read - especially anything biographical or autobiographical. I also enjoying writing, but mostly for fun and I can write a pretty good “threat” letter when I need to. I’ve been known to get things done! I write about a wide variety of things from the random tomato or piece of food on the ground to the odd things I see in my daily life to politics…now if you don’t agree with my politics that’s fine, but be respectful and don’t post hateful comments.

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