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Zero to Fifty in 1 second

I made my annual drive to and from Connecticut with my mom and the dog to go visit my 90-year old grandmother, other family members and friends.  We drive (meaning I drive) from Georgia to Virginia and sleep over and then finish the route from Virginia to Connecticut.  We spend 4 days and do the same trip in reverse.  It’s so much fun I can hardly stand it!

Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing my family and friends and I miss them all immensely when not there, but I know that living in Georgia is what’s right for me (even if snow in CT was not an issue).

The fun part of being at my grandmother’s is our life on and off mute.  The volume of the TV literally goes from Zero to Fifty in 1 second.  Unlike the average person who simply turns down the volume on the TV during the commercials, my grandmother actually completely mutes the commercials and so when she “un” mutes the TV it’s like you need earplugs.  And then when the TV is on she is usually watching shows that she is always yelling at…court shows where she is calling everyone crazy, telling the judges that they are too mean or loud.  Or watching a full day of game shows and carrying on about how this one host kisses everyone and it’s disgusting or the other one has a big mouth, but really is a sharp dresser (it was a day long marathon of Family Feud with just about every host they’ve ever had).

I think it took me a week to get my hearing back in sync.  I typically have my TV volume on 7 or 8.  I understand that all TVs have different scales, but I hear quite well and even sometimes 7 or 8 seems loud to me.

My grandmother and I are too much alike, as my mother keeps reminding me, and therefore my mother has informed me that she is glad she will not be around when I turn 90.  I’m thinking it’s a good time for God to perform one of his miracles and allow my mother to live a little longer… 🙂  I’m sure she’d just love to live to be well over 100!!

We arrived back in GA on Friday night, July 6th and I decided the best way to get back in the swing of things was to paint one wall in my sewing room.  Why not get all the pain (of driving for too many days) and painting out-of-the-way all at once.  I’m happy to say that it’s now the 17th and I think I finally feel better from all that.

We’ve talked about next year’s trip already…oh my!  I think it might be too soon to think about that!



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