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Two Wrongs (“rights”) do NOT Make a Right!

If you don’t agree with Chick-fil-a slinging mud won’t help!

If you do agree with Chick-fil-a slinging mud won’t help!

I kind of wish we could make a lot of this stuff in the news just go away.

Today I encountered this on Facebook.  And I actually “liked” the picture from the standpoint that both sides should be able to do what they feel is necessary.  I don’t like it because I don’t believe two wrongs make a right (or two “rights” make a right).

Below are the comments that followed the picture.

Comment 1: Nice. How sad this is. They had better watch out. God will only put up with this for so long.

Comment 2: You are right, Cindy.  What gets me are all the so-called “Christians” who are manipulating Scripture to justify homosexuality, when it clearly speaks out against it.

Comment 3: They will love the business.

Comment 4: I don’t know but my guy tells me that this scheduled event will not go as peaceful as the one yesterday. I foresee huge problems. But I hope I’m wrong.

Comment 5: Supposed to be my GUT. iPhone!! Blah!! Lol!

Comment 6: Ya but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. My Nephew manages one in Charleston and all this has caused their sales to go through the roof. Not that they needed it. They are always busy here

Comment 7: I just don’t understand how the world can not see the only ones stirring up hate is the gay community.

Comment 8 (My Comment): Okay…I’m heterosexual and I’m absolutely appalled by all the comments above. I usually agree with the majority of the posts from Stephen and actually even like this picture he posted. Hate is coming from every angle and it’s disgusting. Tell me the last time you heard a gay person call Christians all kinds of names for living in sin, getting divorced and being hypocritical.  God tells us to love everyone.  None of us are better than anyone else and if you think you are…well then you have just as much to explain when you stand before him as you think they do for their so-called inappropriate behavior and lifestyle. It is not necessarily a lifestyle I completely understand, but I believe God makes NO mistakes and knows each of us before we are ever born!!  There is no one that would EVER choose a lifestyle that would cause them to be constantly belittled, judged, hated, beaten and killed!! I have many friends who are gay and I love each and every one of them and they would NEVER choose this for themselves.  God considers all sin equal – if you think this is a sin then I sincerely hope you have never lied, stolen so much as a quarter from your mother’s purse, looked at anyone with so much as an ounce of lust, cut anyone off in traffic or flipped anyone off.  The only one who is truly righteous is God! We are human…we are not perfect! And remember, it is Christians who are picketing the funerals  of fallen soldiers who have fought for our country…Christians for goodness sake!! What does that say about us?

Comment 9: God makes no mistakes. Agreed! Which proves homosexuality is a choice, and if not, then the lifestyle is.
I CHOOSE a Christian (not perfect by any means) lifestyle, and like other Christians around the world have been belittled, judged, hated, beaten and killed. Just as you have just done in your previous comments.

I won’t be offended by the ignorance of others.  In no way did I belittle or judge anyone – I was simply trying to point out that we all need to be respectful of each other and look in our own backyards before casting stones.  I will stand by this belief until I die – NO ONE CHOOSES A LIFESTYLE THAT WOULD CAUSE THEM TO BE CONSTANTLY RIDICULED AND THE SUBJECT OF HATE.  And I’m going out on a limb here…are you saying that people with MS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, born with a missing limb made that choice?  Because, you are saying God makes no mistakes (as I’ve also said).  What about people who die of heart attacks who have always eaten healthy and lived a healthy lifestyle?  What about babies who die without experiencing anything in life – no Kindergarten, riding a bicycle, no sleep overs or pool parties.

I am well aware that I have friends on both sides of the fence and it is likely I have offended some of you.  That is not, and never will be, my intention.  My intention is to make people think about their thoughts and actions.  Be compassionate.  Do you hate all Muslims because of what happened on 9/11?  Do you truly, in your heart of hearts, hate all atheists?  You can disagree with a friend and make the statement “let’s agree to disagree” – how come we are not trying that here?

Late breaking Comment 10 (came in as I write this): SO if they are hanging out in the parking lot kissing and not there to spend money….they are loitering.  How stupid.  Why not just show up.  Why do you have to kiss to show love and equality.  I love my husband but we don’t kiss at Chic Fil A to show we love each other.

Yesterday I saw a comment on this being a means of being “politically correct” and how we’ve taken that too far.  I whole heartedly disagree.  This is my thought on the whole PC thing (as commented on a friend’s status yesterday)…And I may have to write a post about this, but to me the whole PC issue doesn’t even come into play in something like this.  Being PC is ensuring that people aren’t calling others nigger, fag, spick and the like.  Being PC is more about sensitivities around being downright disrespectful of others.  Hence the campaign against using the “R” word (retarded) which I have tried very hard to stop using.  To me this CFA issue is just too much. There are so many other things we need to focus on. This actually shouldn’t be news.  Sad that it is…ugh! I could really go back and forth and on and on forever about this, but that just keeps the damn fire burning!

Please understand that I love ALL my friends and family regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and all the other reasons you could possibly think of.  I do not fault you for who you love or how you believe.  I will have a problem when you lie to me, steal from me or disrespect me.  Otherwise, I love you and all of your YOUness.  And, in my next life I want to be a spoiled dog just like Reba living in a house of people who love me so much I can do no wrong and get everything I want including many, many toys and rides in my carriage and the car and know that I never have to worry about all this stuff going on around me because I’m too busy making my family kiss my little crocked tail. *woof*

New comments came in before I finished.

Comment 11: ^^^ exactly!!

Comment 12: Ouch. I have to agree those things are done in hate. But just because they say they are Christian doesn’t mean they are. Oops some people would say that’s judging and it probably is my bad. Anyways. It’s my belief we are all gods children and I pray for peace solidarity, understanding, and compassion for us all. Oh yes let’s not forget rain!     It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. We will see how much Chic Fil A really believes in freedom of speech.  Nothing wrong with a little PDA as long as it doesn’t go overboard and that’s for us all.    Pray for us sinners



I have so many mixed emotions about everything in the news these days.  I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but when so many Christians are judging people and being down right disrespectful of others I find it hard to publicly announce my beliefs.

Let’s start with anything political…I have a firm belief that politicians should never (ever) run on the basis of religion of any kind.  Do not talk about what people “should” or “should not” do.  Do not talk about whether or not you believe in abortion or whether it is right or wrong.  Do not talk about stem cell research.  Do not talk about affairs.  Do not talk about gun legislation. And do not talk about legality of drugs.  (For the record…I do not think abortion is “right” for ME, but I cannot and will not speak for others.  I think stem cell research is extremely important in order for us to advance medicine.  What politician actually hasn’t had an affair?  Guns should be legal in order for people to protect themselves. And I think marijuana should be legalized and taxed.)

And absolutely, positively stop this war on same-sex marriages.  Why do you really care if people of the same-sex are getting married?  Here are a few thoughts that I have on the subject.  I’ve known many LGBT people through the years and count many of them among my most trusted and loving friends!  I know that through the years there has been talk of the LGBT community being a promiscuous group – often dating the exes of current partners.  But…have you EVEN seen the news or anything on TV over the past 20 years?  promiscuity is rampant in the high schools among young girls and heterosexual couples.  It’s clearly an issue with politicians and others who hold themselves in high regard.  There have been countless news stories of high schools with abundance of teen pregnancies.  There’s even a show about teenage mothers.  The divorce rates are outrageously high, and yet I know many same-sex couples who have longer lasting relationships than heterosexual couples.  The devotion they show each other is beyond comprehension in many cases.  A big problem I have is the inability for same-sex couples to act on each other’s behalf simply because they do NOT have a piece of paper stating so.  In an emergency they are unable to speak for the other at the hospital – even if it’s life or death.  This does not make any sense to me!  I have been following the most awesome blog for a while now called Raising my Rainbow – it is about a little boy who does not relate to being a boy.  He likes Disney princesses, pink, ballet, and all things girly.  Someone posted a link on Facebook and I read one post and fell in love with this little boy and his loving family.  The little boy may outgrow this, and it may just be a phase, but it could very possibly be his life (forever).  I find it impossible that a child so young would make this decision unless he was “born this way” (thank you Lady Gaga).  All I’ve ever heard through my years in and out of church has been that God does not make mistakes.  He is deliberate in his actions and he knows everything about us before we are born.  People would not choose a way of life that would be the brunt of such ridicule and hate!

My friend Lindsay posted this yesterday on Facebook (she and I used to attend the same church where her mother taught a Sunday School class I attended)…There’s a lot of attention on Christianity right now, and all I’m going to say on the matter is this:  Jesus said we are supposed to be the light of the world, set apart by His unconditional, selfless love.  No matter what else, we are commanded to show that same love to others, to everyone.  Note the use of the word EVERYONE!  We should love everyone.  I know many LGBT people who love God, and I’m quite sure he loves them too.

This takes me to the Chick-fil-a controversy.  I love me some CFA chicken and lemonade.  I’m not one to quickly jump on any bandwagon and follow the crowd.  I am such a picky eater and so I am currently torn between boycotting and enjoying some chicken nuggets.  I have many friends who have immediately boycotted them.  I have other friends, LGBT included, who still eat there.  I saw a post somewhere (probably Facebook as I seem to spend a lot of time there) that stated something to the effect – “You eat at a Christian establishment, knowing they have always been Christian and are closed on Sundays and yet you are surprised at their announcement against same-sex marriage.”  Hmmm…that’s an interesting point of view.  But then I see this girl post a long video on YouTube titled Chick-fil-a and Proverbs 25:21 and she also got me thinking.  When she started talking about the “biblical  explanation” for marriage it made me think we’ve evolved so much and yet so little.  If we strictly follow the biblical explanation women would have so few rights today – and I would NOT stand for that. I think we need to understand that when the Old Testament was written it was a very different time, which is why things changed in the New Testament.  Where there once was no music (musical instruments) there are now.  There are churches today that still follow the Old Testament and do not use instruments in their churches.  Yet, many, like those that I typically attend have full bands – guitars, drums, cymbals, you name it!  What would the Bible be like if it was written today?  How would the Old Testament read?  What about the New Testament?  My parents recently stopped going to their church because every time they stepped into their Sunday School class there was a discussion about “gays” – and quite frankly they were over it.  Enough with judging and bashing everyone!  Can we all just have our beliefs without being hateful to others?

We all have the right to fight for what we believe in, contribute money to where we feel it is best put to use, but I think it can be done respectfully and without slinging hate around.  I honestly haven’t looked up the organizations that Dan Cathy (or the Cathy/Chick-fil-a family) is donating to.  I just haven’t had the time in the past few days.  If they are Christian organizations about “saving the sanctity of marriage” – marriage as they believe it to be true – then I cannot fault them for that.  HOWEVER, if they are donating to organizations that brutalize and kill “gays” then I have a big issue with it.  One other thing that I thought of about the CFA controversy – why just discriminate against the LGBT community?  If God believes that all sin is equal than I think that CFA should not serve people who have committed crimes or any other sin (coveting thy neighbor’s house, or covet they neighbor’s wife, thou shalt not steal…and the list goes on.  There are 10 Commandments if you were unsure.)

Please…it’s 2012 and we need to find ways to be more tolerant and accepting of everyone. We should all be able to live our lives without shoving it down each other’s throats.  I have never encountered a LGBT who has tried to convert me or tell me my way of living is wrong.  So why would I do that to them?  It is not my place to determine they are wrong for following their hearts.

I will leave you with this that I saw on Facebook (yes, again…Facebook).

Acknowledge we are all different and strive to be a decent and loving human being.

Proud to call him friend – Maxim Nazaire CSCS

I’m not a regular watcher of anything CNN related or HLN, but I had a reason to watch the other day and will have the reason to watch several more times.  My friend Max, a coach for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Team Challenge, a personal trainer, and someone in the non-profit arena, was on HLN for a “Health Coach” segment, and there will be 4 or 5 more segments coming.

Max is someone you should be following on Facebook and Twitter (@fit2dmax), along with his company Fit2DMax!

Last night a bunch of us met at The Chocolate Bar (yes, I said Chocolate Bar) to celebrate Max’s first appearance on HLN.  He told us a story about when he was 18 years old and was told that he had a health condition that may keep him from being the active person he was used to being – if he survived at all.  When Max was given a 2nd chance he made the decision that he would work with people to make a positive impact – from a health and fitness perspective as well as from his newly created non-profit – Altruistic Hope Society.

If you live in Atlanta you need to reach out and get to know this guy!  He will change your life!

You think you know me…

Some of you have known me for a short time and others of you have known me for [what seems like] an eternity. Each of you know me in a different capacity, know different things about me, know different personality traits, goals, thoughts, desires, etc.

I’d say that over the course of my life there have been lots of ups and downs and lots of changes…some good and some bad. But for the most part I’d say that I definitely learned from my life.

I have gone through phases when I have been very social and everything has been about being with people (at work or hanging out with friends) and I’ve gone through phases of enjoying my time to myself. I am content with either…I am perfectly content being home or socializing. If you’ve only known me in a social setting than it’s probably hard for you to believe I have a side that desires being alone. My alone time usually involves reading…I’m not the type to spend hours in the tub or sleeping when I’m alone – instead I like to fill my mind.

For those who know my “social” side you probably also know me as a girl who likes to date and has had my share of “first” dates…and just a few long term relationships. The truth is…I have no problem being alone and don’t mind it. It doesn’t depress me or worry me…I can be content either way.

My phases have been…socializing in High School and working after school, weekends, and summer breaks. I had a good time with friends as a teenager should and dated one guy for almost 2 years. After HS I went to work full-time instead of off to college like most of my friends. This was fine with me and I formed a lot of great friendships over the years. While working at my 2nd “real” job I met the guy I dated for 4 years. We had our problems of breaking up and getting back together, but I learned a lot about myself and very little about relationships. I was probably about 25 when we broke up. For a little while after that I just concentrated on work (and during one of our breakups I moved to OK for 3 months) – I worked 2 jobs most of the time from 11th grade until 1998 when I moved to GA. Right before moving to GA I went through a phase of going out with a friend from the salon (where I was working) on a regular basis just about every weekend. And I also went back to school for a short time in 1995-1996. I dated a “much” younger guy for a short time in 1996 around the time I had surgery on my knee. I was feeling crappy about myself and he was young and cute and made me feel better about myself, but only for a short time. After him I didn’t date anyone up until moving to GA…I had a few dates here and there, but never with anyone I could see myself with. While not dating anyone I spent quite a bit of time doing my own thing. Working, staying at home, and going out from time to time. I was absolutely fine with not dating anyone. I moved here in 1998 and didn’t date anyone for the first 2 years of being here. I went back to school, joined the gym, and worked. I earned a cruise from my employer and took the trip alone…it was quite liberating. I met a group of girlfriends and some sisters traveling together and we all hung out and enjoyed “girl” time out on the ocean. I then “secretly” dated a guy from work for a year – dating within our company was frowned upon so we never told anyone. That was around 2001 – and after that I didn’t date at all again until 2005…not even a first date. I was working my ass off! I did a marathon and a 1/2 marathon during that time, traveled for work, traveled up to CT a few times to check on my dying grandfather and then back up for his funeral. Dating was not even on my mind…hell, I went to PR a few times, CA, Jamaica, Greece – who needed dating. For approximately a year I dated another guy I worked with (a different company) and again no one could know – this time it was because I was the Operations /HR Manager and he “sort of” reported to me. It was a relationship I knew would end up no where because he wanted children and I can’t have any. And then I started putting together a business plan to buy my own salon and I got really caught up in that…again I was back to the no time for dating or anything else. I spent all my time researching information and putting together my plan. After I finally signed on the dotted line for my salon I thought I could at least consider dating someone – I figured my life was finally coming together and since my goal of owning a salon had come to life I could work on finding someone to share it with. In 2007 I joined and had mixed results in the dating world. I signed up for a month here and there never really concentrating on anything… Then in the beginning of 2008 things were not looking good for my salon and the depression was starting to take a toll on me. April 2008 I closed my salon and spent many, many nights going out with friends to ignore my life and the downturn it had taken. A few months after closing I started back on – again with mixed results and then in the fall I ended up joining POF. I had many first dates and prefer not to discuss the specifics.

Most of what I have written is to get to this point…I have realized that I spent the last year (and many past years) wasting a lot of time and money and the girl I used to be was always a goal-setter, a go-getter, and someone who got stuff done. The past year I went out too much and wasted so much money that could have been put to good use. I have decided to get back on track…going out will not be a regular occurrence (and this includes going out to dinner – I will limit it) and saving money will become my focus! I have goals to meet and things to do! When Mr. Right joins me I will have my stuff together…I’m going to be 39 next month and I’m ready to be a grown up! It took me long enough!!