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It could only happen to me…

I have to bring this to my blog – I posted this on Facebook on January 31st at 6:37 pm.

So…a guy at the bar at the local Chili’s literally saved my life tonight!! I choked on a crouton from my grilled chicken cesaer salad and he gave me the heimlich . Wow!!

And here are the comments that followed:

APRIL M:  HOLY COW! January 31 at 6:40pm

WES S: Wow – have not seen anyone use that pick up line before :). Glad you are ok… January 31 at 6:53pm

WANDA M:OMG. Glad you are ok. January 31 at 6:55pm

NANCY J:  Oh my gosh. You have a hero! That must have been scary. So glad you are ok. January 31 at 7:13pm

HEATHER P:  Whew, that was a close one!! You see?! And here I was thinking salad was GOOD for me?!! WTH! Did you get his number? THAT would be such a cute “how did you two meet” story, wouldn’t it?? January 31 at 7:24pm

STEPHANIE A: I’m so glad you’re okay! January 31 at 7:31pm

CHRISTINE B: Wow, I’m thankful he was thinking on his toes. Glad you are okay!! January 31 at 7:39pm

HEATHER (ME): So, here’s a back story regarding coughing. My mom has been on blood pressure medicine for years and it makes her cough (a lot) and people always look at me funny when I’m not doing anything about her coughing – I know she’s not choking, just coughing. I tell my friends when they worry about her coughing that until she bangs on the table she’s fine. Tonight I am definitely choking and I forget our code – bang on the table! My mother is laughing all is said and done and she knows I’m breathing because not ONE person tried to help her when she was coughing only seconds before I accidentally inhaled the crouton into my throat. And, as far as “how did you two meet” he was a retired USMC drunk (or at least one drink away from) and I’m just glad he was at least cognizant enough to save my life!!! I offered to buy him a drink before my server told me that he’s in there drinking (too much) all time. Also, he was WAY taller than me which meant that he ended up doing the heimlich  a little higher up than my belly button area and I think I will be all bruised tomorrow. My mother jumped up from her chair and started whacking me on the back and he jumps up, a chair goes flying, he pushes my mother aside and next thing I know he’s making a piece of crouton go flying out of my mouth (sorry if someone slips on that later). In true, Heather, fashion the whole thing made me pee my pants!! LOL January 31 at 7:39pm

LISA H: Glad you’re ok! January 31 at 7:41pm

HEATHER (ME): Thanks everyone – I like to keep things interesting! For the record, tomorrow is MY New Year’s Day since the real one sucked with being in the ER. I wasn’t planning on ending my year 2x on a bad note. 🙂 January 31 at 7:42pm

RANDI T: Holy moly! Thank goodness he reacted with a cool head in a crisis! Are you ok? Any broken ribs?  January 31 at 7:44pm

CORINNE E: Was he cute? Did you get his number so you can thank him properly? 😉 January 31 at 7:46pm

HEATHER (ME): Nothing broken…no numbers exchanged…a little bruised, I think…and definitely (above all) thankful!! January 31 at 7:48pm

CORINNE E: glad you are ok Heather!! January 31 at 7:52pm

HELEN V: Wow, that was far more interesting then my evening! January 31 at 8:16pm

HEATHER (ME):  I would have been okay with a dull evening LOL January 31 at 8:25pm

DAWN S: Happy that someone stepped up to the plate to help, glad for mom too =) January 31 at 8:48pm

DAWN S:  Side question what meds does ur mom take ??? You can pm me if you’d like. I cough too, wonder if we are taking the same thing January 31 at 8:50pm

KARA B: Marines kick ass!!! Better bruised than dead. Glad you’re still with us. I hope you hugged our hero. January 31 at 8:50pm

TUESDAY W: OH MY GOODNESS! January 31 at 8:52pm

TUESDAY W: I am SO glad that we are hearing the story from YOU and not someone else!!! Angels were watching out for you! Xoxooxxoxoxoxo January 31 at 8:52pm

MEGAN K: Wow. Glad he was there drunk or not! January 31 at 8:53pm

JENNIFER W: I read this and thought, “only my best friend!” Glad he was there! January 31 at 8:56pm

LIZ M: oh my girl, I am so glad you are ok, and thank goodness for him!! 🙂 February 1 at 12:33am

LISA G: I am glad you are ok ,but your story made me almost pee my pants laughed so hard I cried! Will you please write your book already! lol! February 1 at 8:16am

SCOTT (MY BROTHER): Omg!!!!! This could only happen to you. I’m so glad that your here to tell us about it.
Tell that Guy thank you from your brother 🙂 February 1 at 8:42am

I have to tell you…stuff like this has been happening to me my whole life.  Today there was an “incident” with a BIG roach and the service elevator at work.  I did a little dance, almost got stuck in the elevator, and then jumped out to avoid said roach.  If there was a video I’d probably win some money!

The thing is, I’m not sure I’d want my life any other way.  I have great family. I have great friends.  And they ALL. LOVE. ME. JUST. THE. WAY. I. AM!!  I’m not sure why they do, but they do and I’m giddy about that. 🙂



It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve written and I’m sure there is so much I have to catch up on. Let’s see where I should start.

Besides my recent post regarding Haiti, the last time I wrote was in September about the tomato at work. Life has been pretty hectic with work plus the 1/2 marathon I was training for and completed at the beginning of December. Mid January I signed up for 4 weeks of training with Max from Fit2DMax and spent 3 days a week working out more than I had in a long time. I’m now starting to work out 3 days a week with a co-worker at one of the local gyms.

I haven’t necessarily set a goal saying I’m losing X number of pounds or getting down to a certain size. I just decided that this time the focus needs to be on including a healthy habit in my life. If, by default, weight loss and smaller sizes happen…then I will be that much better off.

I turn 40 this May. I had mentioned the whole exercise thing to my BGF and the fact that 40 is creeping up on me. His comment was “Your turning 40 in a few months. 40 isn’t creeping up on you…it has opened the door, walked in, and tapped you on the shoulder.” NICE! So, as I let that thought sink in I made an eye appointment. It has been since December 2004 since I had LASIK and for the year following I was very good about follow up visits, but hadn’t been to the eye doctor since at least 2006. I spend a lot of time on a computer for work – I have a laptop and 2 monitors I work from and I read a lot. The doctor determined I need reading glasses. I said, “what kind should I buy at CVS.” And she says, “your prescription isn’t that strong so you will need prescription glasses.” Oh joy! I now have reading glasses that need to be worn while on the computer (I’m not as good about doing that) and for reading!

And on top of the eye issues…my knee is driving me crazy lately. In December I had 3 injections of Synvisc in my knee (1 a week for 3 weeks) and thought I was doing really well. Got back to exercising and shoot my knee is bothering me! I just hope that knee surgery (for the 2nd time) isn’t in my future!

All I can say is…with my 40th year going this great so far I better have a fun birthday party!!

Looking for some fun to come my way in May!!

In Memory of (part 2)…

One other thing I thought of after posting my last comments about In Memory of stickers is the crosses, flowers and such on the side of the road signifying where someone was obviously in an accident and more than likely killed.

I don’t like this either. I understand why people want to do it, but I actually think it could cause more damage because people are looking away from the road and trying to see what’s on the side of the road or even trying to read what is written on the crosses.

And then, beyond being dangerous because it’s a distraction, it ends up being just a bunch of dead flowers or rotting wood and plastic which to me is like littering.

There are much better ways to mourn your loved ones, bring attention to their lives, or even acknowledge their existence. How about a scholarship in their name? An organization baring the their name? Or something else of significance?

As always…just my opinion!

And so she danced…

Tonight I was graced with my step-father coming across a video from when I was 30 and decided to take tap dance lessons… Let’s just say that dancing is NOT my fortay.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve added it here. Enjoy!

How to be Clumsy 101…

I am so clumsy and silly! And I don’t just mean clumsy like tripping over myself (although I do that a lot) – I mean clumsy like doing things that don’t make sense (almost like my mind is clumsy).

Here are some for instances:

I’m at work and we have to wear a badge. This badge must be swipped going in and out of main doors to building. So, one day I’m on the 2nd floor (where my exciting cube is) and have to go downstairs via the elevator so I can leave for the day. I am standing there wondering why the damn door isn’t opening. Hmmm…I don’t know how long it is before it dawns on me that I swipped my badge in front of the button instead of pushing it to go down. LOL

Another day I’m at work, standing in front of the elevator with some co-workers and we are getting ready to go to lunch. The elevator door opens and people are inside (that’s what happens on elevators, you know) and it seems to scare me and I jump like 2 feet off the floor as if I have never seen people on an elevator before.

Then there was the day that my friend KM and I went to lunch and I come back and park the car as normal. On the way out that afternoon I am wandering around looking for my car. I try to call KM to see if she remembers where I parked. I am clueless looking for my car. KM calls me back and I’m like “Do you remember…OMG…” and I die laughing. I am laughing so hard I am doubled over and can’t even really speak. While I am asking where my car is I realize I am standing right in front of it! This is why I start laughing so hard. Of course then KM is laughing and then I almost pee my pants laughing so hard!

So, now let’s talk about being clumsy like tripping (my friend JA would really love this because he thinks it’s funny when people fall). Most of my friends know about the terrible experience with dropping a 35 pound weight on my toe and breaking it to the point of surgery.

But…here’s the dumb ass thing that happened tonight! Most people who know me make fun of my handbags and especially the size and weight of them. I have this really beautiful red patent leather one that I get lots of compliments on. One of the guys who eats lunch with some of us always says he can’t pick it up because he didn’t work out that day. I have a bad habit of putting my handbag on the floor next to my desk in my home office when I get home at night. Tonight I got up from my desk to go to the bathroom and bumped my big toe on my right foot. It felt like I bent the nail back or tore off the top layer of nail. So, after my stop in the bathroom I took my warm fuzzy sock off and not only did I peel off the top layer of nail – the whole corner of my nail came off and it was bleeding! Do you know anyone else that would happen to? NO and I don’t either.

Man…I need to pay attention to what I am doing. Being clumsy is very dangerous. LOL