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Two Wrongs (“rights”) do NOT Make a Right!

If you don’t agree with Chick-fil-a slinging mud won’t help!

If you do agree with Chick-fil-a slinging mud won’t help!

I kind of wish we could make a lot of this stuff in the news just go away.

Today I encountered this on Facebook.  And I actually “liked” the picture from the standpoint that both sides should be able to do what they feel is necessary.  I don’t like it because I don’t believe two wrongs make a right (or two “rights” make a right).

Below are the comments that followed the picture.

Comment 1: Nice. How sad this is. They had better watch out. God will only put up with this for so long.

Comment 2: You are right, Cindy.  What gets me are all the so-called “Christians” who are manipulating Scripture to justify homosexuality, when it clearly speaks out against it.

Comment 3: They will love the business.

Comment 4: I don’t know but my guy tells me that this scheduled event will not go as peaceful as the one yesterday. I foresee huge problems. But I hope I’m wrong.

Comment 5: Supposed to be my GUT. iPhone!! Blah!! Lol!

Comment 6: Ya but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. My Nephew manages one in Charleston and all this has caused their sales to go through the roof. Not that they needed it. They are always busy here

Comment 7: I just don’t understand how the world can not see the only ones stirring up hate is the gay community.

Comment 8 (My Comment): Okay…I’m heterosexual and I’m absolutely appalled by all the comments above. I usually agree with the majority of the posts from Stephen and actually even like this picture he posted. Hate is coming from every angle and it’s disgusting. Tell me the last time you heard a gay person call Christians all kinds of names for living in sin, getting divorced and being hypocritical.  God tells us to love everyone.  None of us are better than anyone else and if you think you are…well then you have just as much to explain when you stand before him as you think they do for their so-called inappropriate behavior and lifestyle. It is not necessarily a lifestyle I completely understand, but I believe God makes NO mistakes and knows each of us before we are ever born!!  There is no one that would EVER choose a lifestyle that would cause them to be constantly belittled, judged, hated, beaten and killed!! I have many friends who are gay and I love each and every one of them and they would NEVER choose this for themselves.  God considers all sin equal – if you think this is a sin then I sincerely hope you have never lied, stolen so much as a quarter from your mother’s purse, looked at anyone with so much as an ounce of lust, cut anyone off in traffic or flipped anyone off.  The only one who is truly righteous is God! We are human…we are not perfect! And remember, it is Christians who are picketing the funerals  of fallen soldiers who have fought for our country…Christians for goodness sake!! What does that say about us?

Comment 9: God makes no mistakes. Agreed! Which proves homosexuality is a choice, and if not, then the lifestyle is.
I CHOOSE a Christian (not perfect by any means) lifestyle, and like other Christians around the world have been belittled, judged, hated, beaten and killed. Just as you have just done in your previous comments.

I won’t be offended by the ignorance of others.  In no way did I belittle or judge anyone – I was simply trying to point out that we all need to be respectful of each other and look in our own backyards before casting stones.  I will stand by this belief until I die – NO ONE CHOOSES A LIFESTYLE THAT WOULD CAUSE THEM TO BE CONSTANTLY RIDICULED AND THE SUBJECT OF HATE.  And I’m going out on a limb here…are you saying that people with MS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, born with a missing limb made that choice?  Because, you are saying God makes no mistakes (as I’ve also said).  What about people who die of heart attacks who have always eaten healthy and lived a healthy lifestyle?  What about babies who die without experiencing anything in life – no Kindergarten, riding a bicycle, no sleep overs or pool parties.

I am well aware that I have friends on both sides of the fence and it is likely I have offended some of you.  That is not, and never will be, my intention.  My intention is to make people think about their thoughts and actions.  Be compassionate.  Do you hate all Muslims because of what happened on 9/11?  Do you truly, in your heart of hearts, hate all atheists?  You can disagree with a friend and make the statement “let’s agree to disagree” – how come we are not trying that here?

Late breaking Comment 10 (came in as I write this): SO if they are hanging out in the parking lot kissing and not there to spend money….they are loitering.  How stupid.  Why not just show up.  Why do you have to kiss to show love and equality.  I love my husband but we don’t kiss at Chic Fil A to show we love each other.

Yesterday I saw a comment on this being a means of being “politically correct” and how we’ve taken that too far.  I whole heartedly disagree.  This is my thought on the whole PC thing (as commented on a friend’s status yesterday)…And I may have to write a post about this, but to me the whole PC issue doesn’t even come into play in something like this.  Being PC is ensuring that people aren’t calling others nigger, fag, spick and the like.  Being PC is more about sensitivities around being downright disrespectful of others.  Hence the campaign against using the “R” word (retarded) which I have tried very hard to stop using.  To me this CFA issue is just too much. There are so many other things we need to focus on. This actually shouldn’t be news.  Sad that it is…ugh! I could really go back and forth and on and on forever about this, but that just keeps the damn fire burning!

Please understand that I love ALL my friends and family regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and all the other reasons you could possibly think of.  I do not fault you for who you love or how you believe.  I will have a problem when you lie to me, steal from me or disrespect me.  Otherwise, I love you and all of your YOUness.  And, in my next life I want to be a spoiled dog just like Reba living in a house of people who love me so much I can do no wrong and get everything I want including many, many toys and rides in my carriage and the car and know that I never have to worry about all this stuff going on around me because I’m too busy making my family kiss my little crocked tail. *woof*

New comments came in before I finished.

Comment 11: ^^^ exactly!!

Comment 12: Ouch. I have to agree those things are done in hate. But just because they say they are Christian doesn’t mean they are. Oops some people would say that’s judging and it probably is my bad. Anyways. It’s my belief we are all gods children and I pray for peace solidarity, understanding, and compassion for us all. Oh yes let’s not forget rain!     It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. We will see how much Chic Fil A really believes in freedom of speech.  Nothing wrong with a little PDA as long as it doesn’t go overboard and that’s for us all.    Pray for us sinners


Wussification of America

Questioning the title of my post – well, I couldn’t have said it better myself (maybe I could have), but I must admit I have stolen this title from The Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta.  It is on their show that I first heard the ever so eloquently spoken words – Wussification of America.

I have to say, we are getting way out of hand with the controls we are putting on children with regard to them spreading their wings, learning things and excelling!  When I was a student I made the Honor Roll and part of the “honor” of being on the Honor Roll was my name being listed in the local newspaper.  I looked forward to this momentous event each semester (I think they were called semesters when I was in school).  It was a privilege to have your name listed in the paper and a bragging right.  I worked my ass off to get on that list.  That being said, there were at least 3 levels of classes as I recall.  I believe we had remedial classes, the “standard” classes, honors classes and Gifted and Talented.  I was in “standard” classes, but I know that if I had worked even harder than I did (and remember…I said I worked my ass off, but I’m sure I didn’t really work as hard as I could have) I could have been in the honors classes.  I point out these 3 (4) levels of classes to say this – anyone with a certain grade point average had the potential to be on the Honor Roll – even kids in remedial classes.  Everyone had an equal opportunity.  So, that makes me question why today (over 20 years since I was in High School) we are stripping kids of the chance to be on the Honor Roll.  Why do we feel it is unfair to promote the good work of students?  Why can’t kids today have their names on a special list for getting great grades?  What makes this way of doing it “more fair” to the other students?

My other problem is with sports – recently a young kid was denied the opportunity to score any more touchdowns in football because “they” (the adults – parents, teachers, coaches, etc) think it is unfair to other kids that this one kid is doing so well.  How is that unfair?  If he excels at something he should not be held back!  What happened to the saying “Use it or lose it?”  If this kid isn’t able to keep practicing and scoring he might lose his ability and not go on to get a well-deserved scholarship.  I don’t remember if he is a JV or Varsity player – if he is JV, maybe he needs to be Varsity and play with kids more on his level.

Are we going to stop letting kids take college classes at a younger age just because it isn’t “fair” to other kids their age who aren’t at that level?  What about Doogie Howser?  Are we supposed to hold back child prodigies?  Let’s be realistic here – how many people have kids that can use your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, PC or other device better than any adult you know?  Are we supposed to stop them from learning how to do these things?  You know, if we do, you may not be able to use your phone because you don’t know how it works and you sure aren’t going to take the time to RTFM (read the freaking manual).

I would like all the crazy adults out there who think these are all great ideas (no honor roll, no scoring in sports, blah…blah…blah…) to answer this – when your kid interviews for his/her first job and there are 4 other people applying how do you expect that all to play out?  The company isn’t going to hire all 5 people because scoring isn’t “fair.”  They are going to hire the best person for the job.  What happens when it’s not your kid?  How do you explain that after years of not striving to be the best, no winners or losers, and being sure you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings??  All we are doing is encouraging everyone to be mediocre.  I’m sick of it.

When I pick a doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc I want the best of group.  I don’t want the guy who was the bottom of the class.  I want a pilot that is knows the plane inside and out – not someone who just knows he’s on a plane but can’t remember what the big red button is for (just so you know…I have no idea if there is a red button in the cockpit).

I know that some people will read this and think it’s just a ramble, but I think it’s important.  We need to start focusing on what’s real and the fact that competition is important and it starts at a young age.

Don’t settle for the way the world expects us to act – train children that competition is good.  Keep score!  Don’t hold anyone back!  Don’t just do good – do great!  And don’t feel bad about it.  You can be proud of your accomplishments without being boastful and disrespectful of others.

Let’s stop the “wussification” of America!!

How can you be “PC” when you talk politics??

It’s 2011, the economy stinks (that’s my stab at being “PC”), politicians are ruining this great country of ours and the “little” people are just trying to keep their heads above water.

When I think of politics and what is happening in government today it is really hard for me to act “PC” and say things that won’t offend SOMEONE out there.  Hell…I’m sure today everyone seems to be offended at least once a day!

Here are the major problems I have…

  1. I go to work and I have a “real” job for which I get paid and the government is trying to tell me how I can spend it – how much goes to taxes, how much I spend on healthcare (and what kind of healthcare I can have), how much I can contribute to a 401(k) or an IRA, etc.  And this job for which I get paid has a market point for the region where I am located (basically stating that an Executive Assistant in the Atlanta area can make up to XX dollars per year on average and so forth for other regions).  However, I have no say really in how far I get related to that market point – I can work my butt off and still only get to the level dictated by the economy and the going rate for that position.  Now, if I were, say, a Congressman (woman) I could sit around smoking cigars with my fellow Congress people and say “You know what we should do?  We should vote ourselves a raise.”  And everyone else would say, “I think that’s brilliant.”  It would have nothing to do with what they have contributed, how much they have worked, or whether or not they are even good at being Congress people.  It would simply be a decision that is made by them.  And then they would get their paycheck and they would not have lots of taxes, healthcare fees, 401(k) and all the other deductions I have taken out of my little check.  And then they would have more time off than me, get $200 haircuts, go to Hollywood A-list parties, jet set all over the world, and raise all kinds of money to get re-elected.  I wonder, do YOU see a problem with this?
  2. For some reason most of our politicians do not want to talk about Fair Tax.  Do you think it’s because the word FAIR is in the name?  Politicians don’t seem to want to be “fair” about anything.  They do not live in a world of what’s good for the people is good for them.  They are above the laws they try to pass for us to abide by.  In a Fair Tax world people being paid under the table, drug dealers, and illegal aliens would still be contributing to our society because they would be TAXED when they spend the money they earned “unnoticed.”  I scratch my head and wonder why this wouldn’t be a good change for our tax system.
  3. Welfare programs – can you PLEASE tell me why people who get up and go to a legitimate job everyday often have to pass a drug screen for said paying job, yet a welfare recipient can keep collecting money that every hard-working citizen has funded and they DO NOT have to pass a drug test?  Can I deny taking one next time my prospective employer requires it and say it’s against my constitutional rights?
  4. Raising money for campaigns – the government is begging, borrowing, and stealing from the American people in order to fund all kinds of efforts they feel are important (not necessarily the ones we voted for or were the platforms they ran on) yet they campaign for greater than a year for an upcoming election and raise well above the millions (maybe billions) as a collective lot.  Here’s an idea – American companies are having to cut back on their marketing budgets because the US economy is tanking and yet they are surviving on lean, mean budgets because they HAVE TO.  If you are running for office why don’t you try the same thing??!!  Let’s see what you can get done on a dime.  Let’s stop wasting money touring the country repeating the same old tired rhetoric that you are force feeding us and that you will never actually follow through with. Instead of these massive print ads, television ads, billboards, yard signs (that by-the-way you fail to pick up when elections are over and as far as I’m concerned you should be fined for each day they are up after the election) and bashing sessions – why don’t you post your damn resume on Facebook or some government webpage so I can read what you’ve really done – I mean, what you have truly accomplished in your life.  I want to know how you successfully ran a company, maintained a lean budget, and how you progressed through the years.  I don’t want to know how you think you are right but anyone who doesn’t think like you is wrong.  I want to know what you can do for me and my country – not what you think is wrong with every other candidate.  I want you to tell me about YOU.  Don’t worry about the others – they can do their own good (or damage as it may be).  Mind your own business, and tell me what you are really going to do about running this country (state or town).
  5. It does matter if you treat your spouse like crap, cheat or steal.  Just like it matters if I do it – it matters if you do.  I do not want someone leading my local community or my country who is a liar, cheater or thief.  I want someone I can respect – and that means I don’t care what your race, nationality, sex, religion or political party is.  It means I want the person who says what he/she is going to do and accomplish and they really mean it.  I want the person who is true to him/herself and honest with their family, friends and community.
  6. If you are going to take away my belief in God can you take away their belief in no God?  If you think it is okay to take away any notion of God or this country being founded on the principles of God than why can’t I say it’s not okay to “not” believe?  If I can’t talk about God – you can’t talk about “no” God.  If you don’t like it – don’t spend the money.

We have an election so close on the horizon and a country that is falling apart…we all need to really sit down and reflect on what we want in the next few years.  Do not vote simply because you do or don’t like someone’s race, do or don’t want a woman, absolutely have to vote democrat or republican – listen to everything the candidates have to say.  Sometimes the one you least expect could be the best one to get us out of this mess!  America is soon going to become a country people do not want to run to if we all ignore the signs and don’t stand up for ourselves as citizens of this country.  We vote these people in office and we have to hold them accountable!  If they do not do what they promise we should be writing letters, making phone calls, marching outside their offices!

Inappropriate Questions

Do you know that it really is NEVER okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant? You shouldn’t say “Oh, when are you due?” or “Awww…are you having a baby?” or “So, is there a baby on the way?”

And I say this in the nicest possible way because I’ve been asked it a few times over the years. I am not a Barbie. I don’t have long thin legs, big boobs (okay, well I do have that), and a teeny-tiny waist that makes it evident that I am NOT preggers.

Today in the ladies room I was asked if I had a baby on the way. The empire waist sweaters, tops and dresses are in style (again) and I tend to like them. They are a little better at accentuating nice boobs and hiding some flaws around the middle. But, apparently that’s not always true.

Man…I need to get back to the gym! I hate being asked that question!!

I have no Couth!

I have always tried to pride myself on being respectful of people’s differences and being brought up to not make fun of people, but the other day I found out I truly have no couth at all! I met a really nice guy on a dating site (Plenty of Fish to be exact – although it may be a play on words because I don’t think there are really “plenty” out there). While talking and sharing lots of laughs one thing came to light and I will share it with you now… I have copied and pasted this from the e-mail that I sent to a friend (so dates/times are not exact but you will get the point).

I was really, really raised better than this. My ONLY saving grace – POF guy has a terrific sense of humor and didn’t make me feel bad about being a jackass with absolutely no manners whatsoever!! And…if he’s reading – you did, in a round about way, give me permission to write this. 🙂

As discussed with my friends and co-workers in the past, teeth are very important to me. Equal to a nice smile is a nice set of well taken care of (and perhaps, pedicured) feet. So after last week’s little rendezvous and meeting the guy who had jacked up teeth I felt it important to point out these things to my new potential suitor. I told him how important teeth and feet are to me.

I then asked him a question I often ask guys – “So, would you ever go get a pedicure with a woman you are dating?” He says no and I say, “Why? They are so fantastic! Once a guy gets one he is usually addicted.” He just isn’t interested. Hmmm…should this be a red flag?

We continue on with our conversation and something else directs us toward feet again. Now he says that I probably wouldn’t like him because of his feet. Oh no! What could it be? And I say “What’s the matter, do you only have 3 toes?” He says, “No, I have 5 toes…Only 5 toes.” I gasp out of disbelief and the horrible feeling that I just said something awful and offensive. “OMG, what happened,” I ask. Well, when he was 2 years old he goes running out of the house while his mother is mowing the lawn. He runs between her and the lawn mower and there is an accident. He actually is missing half his foot. He said if you look down the front of your leg and straight down that’s where his foot ends.I really don’t know what to say at this point, but I do manage to say “Wow! Your mother must have been devastated.” He said he never really thought of that until he was an adult. I ask if he has a prosthetic foot and he says he has some kind of device that he puts in his shoe and it goes around his ankle. As I am not very discreet, but rather very inquisitive I say “You have a strap on foot?” He laughs (whew). And then I ask if he limps and other such questions. I ask him if he has ever told people that he lost his foot because of an alligator – terrorizing people can be fun sometimes. He says he did have some fun as a kid charging a quarter, and even marbles, to the kids at school if they wanted to see his foot. He said he would sometimes put his shoe on backwards and walk around being funny.

THIS GUY HAS A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! I am completely turned on by it, and his ability to laugh in the face of adversity. Of course, it also helps because then I can keep asking questions and not feel too bad. I did ask him if this subject had ever come up so early when first meeting someone. He said it usually doesn’t come up until he and his date are at a point of getting to know each other and taking their shoes off.

Toward the end of our 4 hour conversation (believe it or not he kept talking to me) I said to him…”You know, I am totally going to have to see your foot when we go out.” He says he knows. And then I say, “I won’t make you whip it out in the restaurant or anything. We’ll have to go to the car.” He just laughs. (Again, whew)

Today we text a few times while working. I text at one point…”Thank you for keeping me laughing! I love it! You have a great sense of humor!!” His reply, “I learned to be funny to compensate for my feet and tooth.” Of course, he said tooth because he knows I have a teeth and foot fetish! Not fair – he’s roping me in with his humor. Making me laugh at things I shouldn’t!

I did learn a lesson though, you kind of have to be careful when you are telling someone you are a stickler about something such as nice teeth and feet… you never know the circumstances that may prevent them from having that!

PS…my mother knows this story and she thinks I am off my rocker! She can’t believe (well, yes she can) that I asked any of these questions or laughed or any of it! She definitely thinks she raised me better. She did, but I don’t seem to have a filter on my mouth!

I’m not very PC…

Today PSPants and I went to lunch and had a swell time talking about the holidays and such…

On the way back we got into a bit of a conversation about stuff that is not very PC (hell…it’s not PC at all)! First being this horrible new joke out about John Travolta’s son who just died. So, the joke goes “Did you hear what John Travolta’s son died of?” “No.” “Oh, it was Saturday Night Fever.” HAHA – get it? Okay, I know…that was one more confirmation that I am going straight to hell. But it’s not as bad as the Sarah Palin joke which I will not repeat to mixed company (since some people who I don’t really know might be reading this…).

This conversation lead us to discuss things such as people who are racist. Did you know that when I was growing up Brazil nuts were called Nigger Toes?? Are you kidding me? I remember being at my grandparents house and my grandfather saying “Hand me some of those nigger toes.” I was a kid and I was mortified! “What? We have a bowl full of black people’s toes? Grandma…Say it isn’t so!”

So, on that note the discussion comes up about my cousins who are “mulatto” because my dad’s sister (white) married a black man. This was kind of troublesome a little over 20 years ago for some reason, but I grew up thinking everyone had a black uncle. Don’t you? You know how kids go through the phase of “My daddy is better than your daddy…” and you are in fights with the neighbor kid because you are sure your daddy can beat up their daddy? Well, it was one of those days at my grandma’s house. J (my cousin) was on our side of the fence and the little white girl from next door had a friend over. They were throwing rocks at each other and saying “My daddy is better than your daddy…” My cousin must have run out of things to say because he threw one last rock and said “Well, my daddy’s big and black!” And the girls gasped and ran inside. I guess they couldn’t top that!

Using the word mulatto made PSPants remember that when she grew up they were called high yellow. Not a nice thing to say, but then I don’t know for sure that mulatto is either – I mean, isn’t that a Pepperidge Farm snack with chocolate between two white cookies? Nope…I’m wrong – I just looked up the real meaning of mulatto (see below). One of my non-written goals for 2009 was/is to learn new words…today’s word is mulatto.

The word is MULATTO which means:- mu·lat·to [m láttō, m ltō]n (dated)
1. a taboo term for somebody who has one black and one Caucasian parent
2. a taboo term for somebody who has both black and Caucasian ancestors
3. a term, socially acceptable in the Caribbean Islands and other Latin American regions, for somebody who has one black and one Caucasian parent
4. a term, socially acceptable in the Caribbean Islands and other Latin American regions, for somebody who has both black and Caucasian ancestors.

*Side note…note trying to offend. Just being honest and kids are the worst – they are honest to a fault and most of what I discussed above was based on when we were kids. So take it or leave it…